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Event Coverage | Rolls-Royce Cocktail Party | La Jolla

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I'm all in up your grillReady to party?Thank youI can see my house from hereRolls-Royce Spirit of EcstasyEcstasy on stiltsEcstasy on stiltsEcstasy on stiltsEcstasy on stiltsFountain MistressIn the queueRolls-Royce pinStopping traffic in downtown La JollaMiss ClockworkWorking here requires flexibilityJust another bar ornamentGearing up to partyWhat time is it?It's party time!

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Behind the Scenes – POP Thursdays Goes Comic Crazy

The Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) at San Diego’s Balboa Park will be the venue this week for an ongoing film series called POP Thursdays. This POP (“Photography Off the Prado”) will take inspiration from comic pop culture, coinciding with Comic-Con week on July 12.

This dynamic, social, and interactive event will feature:

  • Cocktails in the atrium
  • Costume contest
  • A screening of Sin City in MOPA’s Joan and Irwin Jacobs Theater with an introduction by Neil Kendricks, filmmaker and author of Comics Are Everywhere
  • Create your own comic book portraits in a fantasy photo studio
  • Live body painting of models as heroes and vixens by San Diego Body Art Playground
  • Photography showcase of comic-inspired body painted characters
  • Street food and craft cocktails presented by Alchemy Restaurant
  • Superhuman grooves spun by Gabe Vega

For more information go here.

I was involved with the process to put on this MOPA event and creating the photography of body painted characters that will be on display. Over the course of several months before this POP, the San Diego Body Art Playground group held several sessions of body painting. Below you will see some of behind the scenes shots at studios where we worked. Please come out to POP Thursday to see our final works!

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Top 5 Things to Remember to Pack for a Photo Shoot

So you’re off to your next photo shoot! Sweet. Got your camera bag all packed? Yep.

Camera. Check.
Batteries. Check.
Flash. Check.

Here are some things that you may have overlooked. Check to make sure that you have these items before you head out the door. It could mean the difference between a good shoot and one that is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

5. Model Releases – Shooting a model? You’ll need a model release. Even if you have a digital model release via a mobile app or laptop, having a paper backup doesn’t hurt. Just as important as this item is a pen with which to sign the releases!

4. Towel – Not only is having a towel a good idea when hitchhiking the galaxy, it’s a great idea when shooting on location. A towel is useful for wiping down a model, hands, equipment, etc. It can also serve as protection or padding. If you’re shooting in a wet location, say at a pool or beach, you’ll need a nice towel.

3. Water – Expect your shoot to last longer than planned. In that case, you’ll probably get thirsty. If you don’t, maybe your assistant or model will. Pack a couple of extra bottles for them too. They’ll appreciate it. Combine with #4 above for cleaning purposes.

2. Memory Cards – If you don’t have any memory cards, you’re out of luck. Game over. Go home. Pack extra cards. You’ll have them to use if your shoot goes long and you need more storage space.

1. Band-Aids – A first aid kit would be great to take to every shoot, but if you have to take only one first aid item, it would be Band-Aids. Accidents happen. Fingers get cut and knees get scraped. You may be able to fashion a make shift Band-Aid with gaffers tape, but nothing beats a bona fide Band-Aid. They’re small and light, so they are easy to pack in your camera bag. Use with #4 and #3 above if you need to clean out a gnarly cut or scrape. Just make sure not to bleed all over your model releases (#5) or memory cards (#2).

Happy shooting!


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My Life Wide Open (or Life at f/2.8)

Here is a collection of some of my photographs that I think are cool, interesting, or meaningful to me.  The common thing among the photographs is that they were all taken with a wide open aperture of f/2.8.  Otherwise, they are pretty random.  Enjoy!

Sky Bar (Bangkok)Real pad thai! (Bangkok)Model Rowena (San Diego)The market (Barcelona)My hotel room key (Austria)Wood sculptor's workbench (Austria)A-List event (San Diego)Police ride along (San Diego)Seafarers Bridge (Melbourne)Fireworks (San Diego)Monopoly, anyone? (Vail)Under the Milky Way (Joshua Tree)Jeremy Harris behind the scenes (San Diego)My future wife Maria (San Diego)The Presidents (San Diego)Lantern shadows (Malaysia)Lanterns (Malaysia)Feeding butterfly (Singapore)Art installation (San Diego)Percussion instruments (San Diego)Apre ski! (Vail)Best scuba diving (Bali)



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Fortune Industries Celebrates 7-Year Anniversary


Clothing, swimwear, music, and event company Fortune Industries celebrated their 7-year anniversary last Saturday night on the rooftop of San Diego nightclub Stingaree. To mark their birthday, Fortune hosted a fashion event showcasing their line of bikini swimwear. Styling of the models was provided by local salon A Style Concierge. Complementing the salon’s immaculate stylings were accessories by companies such as Flex Watches, Quay Eyewear of Australia, and hat makers Goorin Brothers. I shot their beach-themed photo showcase with Thomas Oed of Impact Image Photography. Enjoy the photographs of the event!

Facebook coverage is here.

Additional photos can be viewed and downloaded here.

For more about my photography, please visit TomYipPhoto.com.

 Michael Lee of A Style Concierge manning the camera!Purple Buddha, anyone?Fortune 421 fashionsFortune 421 fashionsThe beautiful Leanne from Fortune.  Awesome pants!The photo showcaseShining summer style          Michael Lee hard at work

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Playboy Golf Photographer Retrospective

In anticipation of the 2012 Playboy Golf Finals to be held this week in Hollywood, I am posting some personal photographs from previous Playboy Golf events around the country that I have worked. I’m looking forward to being on the photography staff again this year!

For more about my photography, please visit TomYipPhoto.com.

(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Girls of Golf registration. You're only allowed to register if you know how to party.(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Girl of Golf welcome meeting(2011 San Diego) Girls of Golf class picture(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Fellow PBG photographer Mandykae and Me(2011 San Diego) Playmates on the links(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) PBG photographer Nicole Chan(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Playmates are lighter than air(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Nice skirts(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Vote for Pedro!  Efren Ramirez from Napoleon Dynamite.  Coolest guy ever!(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Don't publish that photo of me!(2011 Finals/Mansion) PGB photographer Nicole Chan looking hot for the Lingerie Party(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) PGB photographers Mark Vetrini and Mandykae Blair(2011 Finals/Mansion) PGB photographer Jason Loeb and his Crotch-Cam(2011 Finals/Mansion) It's a Hef sighting!(2011 Finals/Mansion) Celebrating Hef's birthday(2011 Finals/Mansion) Guess who is chilly(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) This is the gear you need to cover Playboy Golf(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) This is how you use gear at Playboy Golf(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) You have to be resourceful when getting around Playboy Golf(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) PBG Staff(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) They gave this car to me to drive to the Mansion(2010 Finals/Los Angeles) Me, National Geographic Magazine Photography Director David Griffin, NatGeo photographer John Stanmeyer. And wait, who is that lurking in the shadows...(2010 Finals/Los Angeles) ...Yes. You'll probably never this this happen again. It's the National Geographic Photography guys with porn star Ron Jeremy. Only at Playboy Golf!(2011 Finals/Mansion) Warning!(2010 Denver) Playmate Amy Leigh Andrews(2010 Denver) Prosecco, anyone?(2010 Denver) Let's compare skirts(2010 San Diego) Casting call at Se Hotel(2010 San Diego) No, Dave.  We aren't accepting you as a Girl of Golf.(2010 San Diego) Hello.  My name is Dave Disser.  I want to be a Girl of Golf.(2010 San Diego) I don't know why this Girl of Golf got so upset when I asked to take a photo of her hole.(2010 San Diego) Casting call at Se Hotel(2010 San Diego) Casting call at Se Hotel(2010 San Diego) Casting call at Se Hotel(2009 San Diego) How do Playmates get around?  By helicopter, of course!(2009 San Diego) How did they fit all those GOGs and me into the helicopter?(2009 San Diego) No helicopter landing would be complete without a hula hooping GOG(2009 San Diego) A GOG of many talents(2009 San Diego) Del Mar casting call(2009 San Diego) Del Mar casting call(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Rooftop/Penthouse party at Roosevelt Hotel(2009 Finals/Mansion) Bunny tails(2009 Finals/Mansion) A real Playboy bunny(2009 Finals/Mansion) GOGs at the Mansion(2009 Finals/Mansion) Some of the GOGs get distracted easily -- Oh look!  A peacock!(2009 Finals/Mansion) Hard at work(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Pool party at the Roosevelt Hotel(2009 Finals/Los Angeles) Playmate interview(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Ballroom party(2008 Palm Springs) Playmate autograph signing session with Stephanie Glasson, Brooke Richards, Natalie & Jennifer Campbell(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) PBG Staff

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New Tom Yip Photography Logo Stickers Are Here! (Shameless Self-Promotion)


Check it out. My new Tom Yip Photography logo stickers are here! New and improved. No batteries needed. Caffeine-free. Fat-free. Made out of recycled pixie dust. Endorsed by leprechauns everywhere. Certified to a depth of 100 meters. Powered by moonbeams and unicorns.

They still work if you rotate them 120 degrees or 240 degrees. Incredible!

It is made in Germany. You know the Germans always make good stuff. But if you call now, within the next twenty minutes (you know we can’t do this all day), you’re gonna get a ShamWow absolutely free.

Gotta decide where to put the stickers now…


For more about my photography, please visit TomYipPhoto.com.

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My New iPad Arrived Today! My Eyes Hurt Already.

I think iPhone iPad, therefore I am. Hopefully my existence isn’t based on the accrual of gadgets, but if it is, then getting the new iPad should help the philosophical argument.

My new iPad arrived today — on time, delivered to my doorstep via online pre-ordering. I pre-ordered Apple’s third-generation tablet goodness the day it was announced on March 7, and I’ve been tracking the FedEx shipment over the last week. I was somewhat agonized by its status description as being located at a FedEx facility only a couple of hours away from my house since March 11. Its details were “Future delivery requested” for March 16, so it was sitting idly in a warehouse for almost a week, awaiting the rendezvous with my gesture-flinging mitts. Apple sure knows how to make people wait. I’m glad I ordered the device when I did though, because now it’s on backorder for 2-3 weeks online. Alternatively, you could have joined the frenzy at an Apple store or other dealers today to try to get the product in person. Maybe you could have bumped into Steve Wozniak while he was waiting for his.

The iPad boasts some impressive specs to cast competition on other tablets. My modest model came in black, wired with 16GB of brain matter, and fitted with Wi-Fi + 4G LTE so I can have another method of missing emails and messages.  Its most touted feature is the new eye-popping 2048 x 1536 Retina display — a whopping 3.1 million pixels, each one ready to burn your eyes out.  That’s 1 million more pixels than your high-definition TV. With that spec, Apple cements its place as the leader in the foray of current tablets as far as displays are concerned.

What will I do with the iPad, you ask? First I’ll be putting the Safari browser to good use by immediately navigating to TomYipPhoto.com to see how my site looks on the new Retina display…

For more about my photography, please visit TomYipPhoto.com.

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The Center of San Diego Style and Fashion

One year ago Dolcetti Boutique opened their doors in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter on 5th Avenue. Created by native San Diegan sisters Minet and Natalie Taylor, the boutique offers unique men and women’s clothing, accessories, and gifts. The name Dolcetti means “sweet little things”, a very obvious description once you step foot into this eclectic shopping destination. Dolcetti shares their location with A Style Concierge, a salon providing the latest services in hair, cosmetics, and lifestyle. Co-founders of A Style Concierge Michael Lee and Jeremy Harris complement the Taylor sisters with their endless energy. Together they have established the center of San Diego style and fashion in their bustling store, a renovated Victorian building that welcomes over 4 million Gaslamp Quarter visitors a year.

On April 8, Dolcetti celebrated their first anniversary with a fashion show and party at their beautiful building. Assisting in the gala were next-door neighbors Goorin Brothers Hat Company, Dining on 5th with Chef Marco, and U4IK Vodka and Tequila. Tunes were provided by DJ Tony Mora, and live performances were given by The Blues Wizard and his all-girl trio.

A veteran of producing fashion shows over the years, Michael Lee helped to orchestrate one of the largest shows in which he has been involved.  The styling team at A Style Concierge prepared a record 20 male and female models before the night was over.  The army of stylists buzzed over the models since the 4:30 call time to make sure they were ready for the 8:00 event.  Another army of media coverage descended on the site at 6:30.  Lights and backdrops filled the available area on the boutique’s unique rooftop space where photo shoots were conducted.

Guests arrived to an immense spread of catered food, fashionable cocktails, and trendy music — live and via DJ. The fashion show started, and the models descended the impressive dark wooden staircase in the center of the store. The models’ pink carpet route lead them through Dolcetti, out onto the 5th Avenue sidewalk, into Goorin Brothers Hat Company next door, and back. Guests and sidewalk gawkers alike were treated to Dolcetti’s latest Spring fashion offerings.

Dolcetti, congratulations on your first remarkable year. May you have continued success. Remember, sometimes it is the little things that count — the sweet little things.

Facebook coverage is here.

Additional photos can be viewed and downloaded here.

For more about my photography, please visit TomYipPhoto.com.


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I’m Giving Up Photography


I’m giving up photography. Does anyone want to buy my professional L lenses? Cheap! They make great flower vases.

OK, I’m kidding.

I’m just playing around with a Canon replica lens mug I got. It’s the lens in the middle. Duh! The other two lenses on the side are the real deal. You can get this mug at Photojojo.com. It’s a very realistic production of the 24-105 mm L-series Canon lens. It has lots of nice details like a rubber focus ring, an auto-focus switch, and a stainless steel interior to keep your beverage warm. You can even cover your drink with the included lens cap top (pictured).

Also available are a 70-200 mm f/2.8L version and shot glasses. For you Nikon shooters, don’t fret. There are Nikon versions.

Now if Canon just made lenses in the shape of martini glasses, I would be set.

So, I’m not giving up photography just yet as you can see from my mad florist skills…

For more about my photography, please visit TomYipPhoto.com.

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