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Playboy Golf Photographer Retrospective

In anticipation of the 2012 Playboy Golf Finals to be held this week in Hollywood, I am posting some personal photographs from previous Playboy Golf events around the country that I have worked. I’m looking forward to being on the photography staff again this year!

For more about my photography, please visit TomYipPhoto.com.

(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Girls of Golf registration. You're only allowed to register if you know how to party.(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Girl of Golf welcome meeting(2011 San Diego) Girls of Golf class picture(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Fellow PBG photographer Mandykae and Me(2011 San Diego) Playmates on the links(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) PBG photographer Nicole Chan(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Playmates are lighter than air(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Nice skirts(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Vote for Pedro!  Efren Ramirez from Napoleon Dynamite.  Coolest guy ever!(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) Don't publish that photo of me!(2011 Finals/Mansion) PGB photographer Nicole Chan looking hot for the Lingerie Party(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) PGB photographers Mark Vetrini and Mandykae Blair(2011 Finals/Mansion) PGB photographer Jason Loeb and his Crotch-Cam(2011 Finals/Mansion) It's a Hef sighting!(2011 Finals/Mansion) Celebrating Hef's birthday(2011 Finals/Mansion) Guess who is chilly(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) This is the gear you need to cover Playboy Golf(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) This is how you use gear at Playboy Golf(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) You have to be resourceful when getting around Playboy Golf(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) PBG Staff(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) They gave this car to me to drive to the Mansion(2010 Finals/Los Angeles) Me, National Geographic Magazine Photography Director David Griffin, NatGeo photographer John Stanmeyer. And wait, who is that lurking in the shadows...(2010 Finals/Los Angeles) ...Yes. You'll probably never this this happen again. It's the National Geographic Photography guys with porn star Ron Jeremy. Only at Playboy Golf!(2011 Finals/Mansion) Warning!(2010 Denver) Playmate Amy Leigh Andrews(2010 Denver) Prosecco, anyone?(2010 Denver) Let's compare skirts(2010 San Diego) Casting call at Se Hotel(2010 San Diego) No, Dave.  We aren't accepting you as a Girl of Golf.(2010 San Diego) Hello.  My name is Dave Disser.  I want to be a Girl of Golf.(2010 San Diego) I don't know why this Girl of Golf got so upset when I asked to take a photo of her hole.(2010 San Diego) Casting call at Se Hotel(2010 San Diego) Casting call at Se Hotel(2010 San Diego) Casting call at Se Hotel(2009 San Diego) How do Playmates get around?  By helicopter, of course!(2009 San Diego) How did they fit all those GOGs and me into the helicopter?(2009 San Diego) No helicopter landing would be complete without a hula hooping GOG(2009 San Diego) A GOG of many talents(2009 San Diego) Del Mar casting call(2009 San Diego) Del Mar casting call(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Rooftop/Penthouse party at Roosevelt Hotel(2009 Finals/Mansion) Bunny tails(2009 Finals/Mansion) A real Playboy bunny(2009 Finals/Mansion) GOGs at the Mansion(2009 Finals/Mansion) Some of the GOGs get distracted easily -- Oh look!  A peacock!(2009 Finals/Mansion) Hard at work(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Pool party at the Roosevelt Hotel(2009 Finals/Los Angeles) Playmate interview(2009 Finals/Hollywood) Ballroom party(2008 Palm Springs) Playmate autograph signing session with Stephanie Glasson, Brooke Richards, Natalie & Jennifer Campbell(2011 Finals/Los Angeles) PBG Staff

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