I’m Giving Up Photography


I’m giving up photography. Does anyone want to buy my professional L lenses? Cheap! They make great flower vases.

OK, I’m kidding.

I’m just playing around with a Canon replica lens mug I got. It’s the lens in the middle. Duh! The other two lenses on the side are the real deal. You can get this mug at Photojojo.com. It’s a very realistic production of the 24-105 mm L-series Canon lens. It has lots of nice details like a rubber focus ring, an auto-focus switch, and a stainless steel interior to keep your beverage warm. You can even cover your drink with the included lens cap top (pictured).

Also available are a 70-200 mm f/2.8L version and shot glasses. For you Nikon shooters, don’t fret. There are Nikon versions.

Now if Canon just made lenses in the shape of martini glasses, I would be set.

So, I’m not giving up photography just yet as you can see from my mad florist skills…

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